Jun 24, 2009

Prague Castle

The day after the Wenceslas Square tour, we had the amazing opportunity to go to Prague Castle and have a tour of each of the buildings and the grounds.  We got there just in time for the changing of the guard ceremony, where I met this handsome young guard.  I instantly felt a connection, and I'm sure he felt the same :) 

Love Always

Prague Castle is the biggest castle in all of Europe! It is so vast and rich in history, and because it is so old, some of the architecture is romanesque, while other parts are baroque or renesaince (sp?).  We learned about some of the Czech rulers and Marie Antoinette's mother was the queen of Czechoslovakia.  In fact, the only queen to ever rule here.  We got to see coronation rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, heaters, dance halls, dungeons and much much more.  It was absolutely riveting, which is why it is so unfortunate that we couldn't take pictures everywhere.  

Our Tour Guide, Dana

Changing of the guard

Me in front of the Cathedral

Amazingly Intricate stained glass

Me in the Adam and Eve Cathedral

Oldest road in Prague.  The houses along this road are about 10' x 4'! They are crazy small, and most people had 3 or more kids!

Medieval Stretching Rack

The Gorgeous View outside of the Castle

The history here is so fascinating, but it's their recent history that rivets me the most. To think that the people here were living under communist rule a mere 20 years ago is mind boggling.  To walk in the same places that Hitler, Stalin, and many others walked years and years ago stuns me.  I looked out of the exact same window that Hitler looked on the city from during WWII. That weirds me out to the max.

Thats just me in a costume. I go all out.

I know I say this all the time, but I still can't get over how incredibly blessed I am to be here and experience these things.  This is something I will never forget and something I will never regret, and I would recommend it to anyone who craves adventure and culture :)

Sunset from my Balcony

Peace and Love,
Harley Kat

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