Oct 21, 2009

Prague: Wandering the City Alone

One beautiful Sunday morning, I awoke before the rest of the crew, silently got dressed, and headed out the door. I got on the metro at JZP, got off a few stops later and went to the biggest and oldest cemetery in Prague, the Olsany Cemetery. Haha, totally creeper status, I know. And it was totally awesome, but totally freaky! I kept thinking that zombies were just going to come at me from under every broken tombstone covered in ivy. After about an hour of exploring Olsany, I walked down a couple blocks to the New Jewish Cemetery, where Franz Kafka is buried. This cemetery was a lot newer, cleaner, more trimmed, and less scary, but I kept getting looks from the other visitors that said "She's not even Jewish." Awkward.

What happens when nobody is there to deter you from taking awkward pictures of yourself

Entrance to the New Jewish Cemetery

Franz Kafka's Grave

After my weird solo cemetery jaunt, I hopped back on the Metro and headed down to The Church of the Most Sacred Heart of Our Lord, the modern church building a block away from my dorm. It was consecrated May 8, 1932, and is still considered one of the most modern buildings in Prague, which has architecture that dates back hundreds of years. Since it was a sunday, I was there during mass, which was a really cool experience, but it was marred slightly by the fact that the doorway smelled like dog doo-doo. I have a video of the music , which was really haunting and fantastic, but this guy inside kept looking at me weird, so I panicked and put the camera away.

Cool Lamppost right in front of the church

Once again, Awkward self-portraits

I then proceeded to go down a couple blocks to the Radio Tower to get some pics during a rare sunny day. I took some pictures outside, then I went inside to find out how much it would be to ride to the top. Turns out it was like 150 crowns, which is the equivalent of about $7, so I turned around to leave, when this random guy from Dublin offered to pay for me! Ha, I was a little creeped out, but I really wanted to go up, so natch I said "Thanks, Man!" The view from the top was absolutely stunning from every angle. I could not have chosen a better day to go, because honestly the entire time I was in Prague, it was primarily overcast and rainy, and this day was perfectly blue and sunny and clear and I loved it! I got tons of pictures, and a video in which I sound like I just swallowed a sock or something, haha.

My Dorm!

I look tense-ish in this pic because the guy from Dublin (Tom) was taking my picture and he kept stepping further and further back. I was having a mild, fleeting panic attack at the thought that he might book it with my camera.

Up-Close of the Babies. I don't know if you can tell but they don't even have faces, just indented strips or something down the middle of their heads. So much weird.

Well folks, that concludes the first of many catch-up blogs to come! Sorry its so long and that it took me forever and a day to get a new one posted! (Like how important and relevant I assume I am?)

Peace and Love,
Harley Kat

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1autumn said...

these pic-chas are saa-weet! I think its so awesome that you've been there! I have never been anywhere except utah and now washington thats the farthest i've been. so lame. also I love your picture of the lamp and cool old building at the top of the page. Its really neat!